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New to singing?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

An advantage to being a new singer; you don't have to deal with lifelong vocal habits. At SING CORPS, we help new singers establish a healthy, flexible, and musically adaptable voice.

The best singers have mastery over their ability to sing from their low voice to their high voice. To start, get familiar with some terms used during voice coaching:

Voice Registers

Voice registers are where you feel the sound vibrate when you're singing.

Chest Voice

The chest voice is your low voice, where you feel the sound vibrate in your lower chest.


Head Voice

This vocal register vibrates in your head and the back of your neck.


Middle/Mix Voice

The middle/mix voice is a blend of chest and head voices, vibrating in both chest and head voices.



A rapid, slight variation in pitch


Vocal Bridge

The transition area between voice registers (head, mix, and chest voice).


A crack, or flip, is when the vocal cords separate for a brief moment changing the tone of the voice.


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